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Wellneo pain relief Elmag

Pain relief medical device is free of side effects and appropriate for all individuals who suffer from any kind of pain.

Wellneo pain relief Elmag
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Быстрый просмотр

Pain relief medical device is free of side effects and appropriate for all individuals who suffer from any kind of pain.

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Natural Electromagnetic Field Helps Relieve Pain

Wellneo Elmag Pain Relief is designed to relieve and/or eliminate pain without long lasting massages or any effort. Most effective in relieving pain in:

  • upper and middle spine and joints
  • neck and shoulders
  • headaches and migraines
  • lumbago, backache
  • rheumatic inflammation, sciatica, arthritis
  • inflammation of the prostate
  • abdominal pain
  • painful menstrual cycle
  • aids in severe pain relief

Tested, Non-Invasive Method with Proven Results

Wellneo ELMAG Pain Relief has been tested in many studies and by over 36 medical doctors. Clinically tested and scientifically proven therapy is a patented product with use in more than 12 medical institutions and universities.


How Does it Work?

Electromagnetic Therapy Provides Quality Cellular Assistance

Electromagnetic therapy provides quality help to our cells, providing them with a supply of oxygen, nutrients and water. This accelerates and improves the cell’s metabolism and helps regulate cellular electric potential.

Improvement of Circulation and Oxygenation of Damaged Area

The main effect of magnetic therapy is an improvement of the circulation and oxygenation of the damaged or sick area, which contributes to faster recovery and the increased physical condition of healthy individuals.

Clinically Tested Medical Device Confirmed by EU, WHO

Wellneo ELMAG is a safe, effective and clinically tested medical device that has been confirmed by many respected scientists from the WHO, as well as by professors of medicine, electro technicians and institutes recognised at the European level.

Daily Use Between 3-12 Hours per Day

Wellneo Elmag Pain Relief should be used between 3 and 12 hours each day and treatment can take several days or weeks.


Whom is it Recommended?

  • any individual experiencing any type of physical pain
  • people with chronic disease
  • people looking for an effective natural alternative for pain relief


Технические характеристики
Вес 25 g
Дополнительные возможности battery: 3 V
Размеры 24 x 12 x 5,5 cm
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