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Delimano knife block Maestro

Knife block made from select rubber wood stores 6 knives, a sharpener and scissors. Protects blades while providing visual compliment to kitchen décor.

Delimano knife block Maestro
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Быстрый просмотр

Knife block made from select rubber wood stores 6 knives, a sharpener and scissors. Protects blades while providing visual compliment to kitchen décor.

Подробнее о товаре

The Perfect Solution for Keeping Kitchen Blades Organized

If you’re tired of rummaging through drawers and pulling out knives that have been dulled due to careless storage or rubbing against other utensils, try the simple but eloquent Delimano Maestro Knife Block solution.

Multiple Slots Keep Cutting Utensils within Easy Reach

Designed with multiple slots for 6 different sized knives, a knife sharpener and pair of scissors, Delimano Maestro Knife Block keeps all the cutting utensils you need within each reach.

Protect Sensitive Blades with Individual Storage

Sensitive blades are protected by individualized slots that fit securely around the knife and scissors, preventing dulling or scratching.

Select Rubber Wood Top Material for Kitchen Ware

Despite its name, rubber wood is actually a very durable hardwood that rarely warps or cracks. Ideal material for kitchen ware, rubber wood won’t easily scratch with cuts against its surface. Delimano Maestro Knife Block is made using only select rubber wood, which ensures that the block retains its original quality even when repeatedly exposed to busy countertop space.

Stable and Elegant Design Uplifts Kitchen Décor

Designed for stability, Delimano Maestro Knife Block will stand formidably on your countertop. A modern, eloquent finish provides a beautiful compliment to kitchen décor.

How Does it Work?

Handy Protection for Knife and Scissors within Easy Reach

Delimano Maestro Knife Block is easy to use – simply place the block on your kitchen counter top to store knives, sharpener and scissors. Block keeps utensils from dulling and ensures they stay within each reach.

Easy Wipe Down with Soft, Damp Cloth

To prevent bacteria build-up, it’s easy to keep Delimano Maestro Knife Block clean with regular wiping using a soft, damp cloth. Avoid build-up of moisture or full water immersion.

Part of the Delimano Maestro Top Quality Cutting Series

Delimano Maestro Knife Block is part of Delimano’s exquisite Maestro Knife series that feature only top quality blades made from Japanese stainless steel. Provides ideal protection for sensitive blades.

For Whom is it Recommended?

  • anyone looking for an easy and effective method of keeping kitchen utensils sharp and protected from dulling
  • individuals who like to keep cutting utensils within easy reach
  • those with limited drawer space
  • individuals equipped with sensitive, fine and/or top quality knives
  • ideal for use with Delimano Maestro Knife Set or individual knives from the Delimano Maestro Knife series collection
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